Welcome to Prairie Lily Sacred Heart!

Welcome to our Centre! If you are visiting this page,  we hope that it is because you are a part of our Prairie Lily Family, or because you are interested in joining us! Please feel free to scroll through what we have posted here and check out all of our links, or give us a call at 306-949-0090. Have a wonderful day!


September Steak Night

I wanted to just take a few minutes this Friday to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone that came out to support us with our Steak Night last night at the Turvey Centre. I have a few specific thank you’s to share!

To the Turvey Centre, thanks for a delicious meal, everyone that I talked to really enjoyed it. To Marcy Black, thank you for organizing so much of this evening, your work was not unnoticed or unappreciated! To all of our families that bought and sold tickets, thank you so much. Your support means so, so much to me – it makes this job easier knowing that we are in this together. To everyone that donated to the Raffle Prizes, thank you! You helped us raise a higher amount of money to go towards our goals this fall (Please see our Facebook Page for a list of sponsors, if you would like to share your business with them!). For all the brothers, sisters, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and friends who came and spent the evening with us, thank you! It was so great to meet so many people and get to know some new faces. I hope that you will come join us again for events in the future.

There were a few unclaimed prizes, so check your tickets please!

1. An SGI Auto Prize Pack – #735656
2. A Complimentary Wheel Alignment from Tread Quarters, Albert North – #735606
3. A Steeped Tea Prize Pack – #735502

If any of these belong to you, please call our Sacred Heart office at 306-949-0090 to claim them.

I am also really happy to report that we were able to raise a total of $2391.00 from this event. $1330.00 of that was directly from ticket sales, and the rest was from our Raffle, and from the generosity of our 50/50 winner, Jeanette Moore, donating part of her winnings back. For our Normanview location, the money raised will go towards a purchase of the “Tree Climber” pictured below, and at Sacred Heart we will be putting it towards playground items, hopefully something like the mud kitchen pictured below.

I am truly, genuinely thankful for all of your support. Please enjoy this fall weekend and know that all of us appreciate our community so much.


We Are Settled In at Sacred Heart!

Happy 6 months to us!

This afternoon, as I am siting in the preschool room doing some work, I am surrounded by children. There is a “sea monster” sliding by on the floor (which is really just some strange looking slime… haha), beads and yarn on the table beside me, and some sort of amazing cardboard jungle in the back of the room.

I remember in September being so exhausted yet so proud of the space that we had built. We had shelves assembled, and books on display, but we were really missing the people aspect of things! I am even prouder now that we have filled this space with educators and families and people and life, and there is art on the walls and dirt on the floors. The magnets on the magnet board might be crooked, but they have been used today to work on letters and sounds and saying new words. We have staff who are playing and involved with the kids, and music drifting throughout the classroom. Only two of our plants have died so far (fingers crossed that we can keep it up!), and there are living green things all over the centre as well.  Most days, there are kids playing in the hall or coming in to the office to say hello.

I really want to thank all of our families for growing with us, and being so patient while we ironed out the bumps of growing and learning how to have another Centre. This Centre would not be full of love and people and laughing if it wasn’t for you coming to join us! We are so excited to see what the next years hold for us and hope that you will stay for a while, or come join us if you aren’t here yet!