We Are Settled In at Sacred Heart!

Happy 6 months to us!

This afternoon, as I am siting in the preschool room doing some work, I am surrounded by children. There is a “sea monster” sliding by on the floor (which is really just some strange looking slime… haha), beads and yarn on the table beside me, and some sort of amazing cardboard jungle in the back of the room.

I remember in September being so exhausted yet so proud of the space that we had built. We had shelves assembled, and books on display, but we were really missing the people aspect of things! I am even prouder now that we have filled this space with educators and families and people and life, and there is art on the walls and dirt on the floors. The magnets on the magnet board might be crooked, but they have been used today to work on letters and sounds and saying new words. We have staff who are playing and involved with the kids, and music drifting throughout the classroom. Only two of our plants have died so far (fingers crossed that we can keep it up!), and there are living green things all over the centre as well.  Most days, there are kids playing in the hall or coming in to the office to say hello.

I really want to thank all of our families for growing with us, and being so patient while we ironed out the bumps of growing and learning how to have another Centre. This Centre would not be full of love and people and laughing if it wasn’t for you coming to join us! We are so excited to see what the next years hold for us and hope that you will stay for a while, or come join us if you aren’t here yet!


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