Licensed Program

We have been in operation in Sacred Heart Community School since September 2017. Our Sacred Heart location is an extension of our original Centre located in Normanview. We are so pleased to have grown and to be able to care for even more families in our city. We care deeply for the children and families in our Care, and consider any family registered with us to be a part of our larger Prairie Lily family.

We offer programming based on the Play and Exploration Saskatchewan Curriculum. This curriculum was designed by the Ministry of Education, and we are proud to offer this style of learning in our Centre. All learning that we provide is play based, and is planned around the interests of the children in each group. Our Educators take the time to observe the children, and sit with them during planned learning experiences. This helps the children absorb information, develop literacy skills, and build social and communication skills. They are learning all the life and educational foundation skills that will help prepare them for Kindergarten and beyond. It is our goal to help children be as ready as possible for a life of learning and success.

We have a strong group of core Educators working at this location. Our Staff are all trained to teach our children in Play and Exploration, they have First Aid and CPR and current criminal record checks on file. All of our full time Educators are required to be taking or have already completed some level of Early Childhood Education training, either through the University of Regina or Saskatchewan Polytechnic (SIAST). These things are done to be in compliance with all provincial regulations for Childcare Centres.

We also have a number of part time staff who will come in and work alongside our full time staff, who are committed to the same outcomes but may not be quite at the same level of education as our Educators It is very important to us as a Center to be current in our training, and our staff are continually being educated through workshops and seminars. We believe in finding the best possible person for each position here and mentoring and training them to become the best Educator that they can possibly be.

We offer on a continual basis Professional Development opportunity so that we can continue to grow as a team and offer the best possible environment for our families. Please feel free to contact our Centre at 306-949-0090 or