Our Staff

We hope that these photos and profiles help you get to know us a little bit better! We asked our staff what made them want to work in Early Learning and Childcare, what their favorite thing about Prairie Lily is, and what they hope the children here remember as they grow up. We all are very passionate about what we do and are looking forward to getting to know each of our families better throughout the years they are here!


Melissa Brown

Even as a young child, Melissa has always been a “motherly” figure to those around her and always wanted to care for the children around her and make them smile. Others often told her how her face would light up when she talked about children, and how she has always been passionate that children need to be heard and loved.

Melissa enjoys how at Prairie Lily the families, staff, and environment are all set up to work together and be successful. We are all here to work for the best interests of each child and we are one big family.

Melissa hopes that the families in our Centre feel loved and supported. She hopes that every day we find time to laugh, smile, hug, learn, and explore everything about ourselves and the beautiful nature that surrounds us. She hopes that we continue to grow together in the future.

Cara Steiner

Cara originally wanted to work in Early Learning because she has always loved being around children. She believes that they teach us things every day about what it means to go through life and feel enjoyment each day. They are also genuinely very funny and help her remember to laugh as much as possible. As she has spend more time in this field and in her role as our Director, she has grown to be an advocate for this profession and wants to teach others about what we do, why we do it, and why it is so important! Cara considers it a privilege to be the leader of our talented team of Educators and caring families.

Her favorite thing about Prairie Lily is that this Centre feels like family. She enjoys our families, children and Educators so much. This is a group of people who care for and support each other, while sharing a common purpose and vision for our Centre. There have been ups and downs, like in any family, but they are always dealt with in a way that has allowed her to change and grow as a person and as an Early Childhood Educator.

Cara hopes that the children who have been here at the same time as her grow up knowing that they were LOVED. She wants each child to know that she celebrated their unique personalities and abilities, and hopes that they stay that way as long as they possibly can. She hopes that they grow up to be caring human beings, who consider the people around them, while being secure and confident in who they are. She hopes that each child finds their own success in life and remember that they can always come back to Prairie Lily for a visit at anytime!

Infant Educators

Ciella Bellegarde

Ciella has always had a love for children. Even when she was in a Centre when she was younger, she was referred to by her caregiver as the baby whisperer. She wanted to work in Early Learning because there is such a need for Educators. She truly believes in helping families in a way that allows them to work and go to school while their babies are looked after.

Ciella’s favorite part of Prairie Lily is that we are a supportive and solution based Centre. We can laugh (and cry) together, we are like one great big family. and we get to give 110% every day!

She hopes to teach our infants learn to use their bodies, develop a healthy self-esteem and sense of independence. She hopes to teach them how much they are loved and to remember how much they matter to us here.

Wynonna Viedenheimer

Wynonna has always loved being around children. Being around them and being able to be a positive influence on them throughout their growth and development is very personally satisfying for her.

At Prairie Lily, Wynonna enjoys the environment most of all. She also loves the staff and children, and has felt so welcomed here.

Wynonna hopes that all of the children who move through our Centre remember the love and care that she has provided for them as an individual, and that the Centre has provided as a whole.

Alayna Pratt

Alayna got into Early Learning as she grew up surrounded by family and around her nieces and nephews. She would help her siblings by providing childcare for them and with anything else they might need a hand with!

Alayna has a lot of “favorite” parts when it comes to working at Prairie Lily, but if she had to pick only one thing it would be that she gets to not only teach things to the children but that she gets to watch them learning new things each day.

Alayna hopes that she and our other Educators work together to teach the infants confidence so that they can transition into being toddlers and to reach each developmental milestone. She hopes that the infants remember all the love and care that they have received here.

Toddler Educators

Wendy Forsberg

Wendy has always wanted to work in Early Childhood because as she says “I have always liked children and children like me”.

Her favorite thing about Prairie Lily is that she is able to watch the children learn new concepts and master new skills. She gets to watch them experiment with the things around them and to see all the new possibilities open up for them when they understand something new.

Wendy hopes that the children here remember the fun they have had and in some small way, remember her and the things she was able to teach them.

Melissa Cummings

Melissa has joined our team in Fall of 2018 and is currently working with our Toddler group. Melissa wanted to join our Centre as she has a passion for working with children and loves seeing them be able to learn and grow.

Melissa’s favorite thing about Prairie Lily has been getting to know our staff and families and feeling like there is a family atmosphere in the Centre.

What she hopes is that the children finally remember is that her name is Melissa and not Wendy… haha. She hopes to inspire them to be creative and curious as they grow up and retain that as they mature.

Nicole Sulit

Nicole is brand new to the field of Early Childhood Education. She is taking her first classes through Saskatchewan Polytechnic and joined us through a work placement in Fall of 2018 after completing a course through Regina Trades and Skills Centre. She loves being with children and has been a great fit for us here with our Toddlers.

So far, Nicole enjoys being at Prairie Lily as it gives her a chance to work the children we have here. She has also appreciated that each day she has a chance to learn new things every day from her co-workers.

She hopes that the children were in her groups remember as they grow up that she planned lots of fun activities and that they enjoyed spending time with her!

Preschool Educators

Jammie Lopez (Centre Supervisor)

Jammie believes that Early Childhood is one of the most important foundations of a person. She wants to be a part of that foundation and somehow make an impact on the children’s early lives while they are in our Centre, and hopes that the things they learn here they will carry with them as they grow up.

For Jammie, Prairie Lily is more than just a work place, it is a second home for her. The staff here treat everyone with respect… respect for their differences, respect for their beliefs, and most importantly, respect for each other’s work.

As Jammie feels that our Centre is a second home for her, she also hopes that the children enrolled here feel that way too. She hopes that the children she works with here remember and digest the positive things that they have learned each day and to do them at home as well.

Jammie’s favorite quote to live by is: “If Opportunity does not knock, build your door”.

Nate (Nathanael) Mills

Nate wants to work in Early Learning because he wants to help teach the next generation of children. He wants to be able to help them grow and develop skills in all areas of their life so that they can succeed as they grow up.

His favorite thing about Prairie Lily is his co-workers, as everyone plays an important part in the success of each child registered in our Centre. We work together and use the positive energy of each other when we need to so that we can make sure that we get our job done right. We love having Nate here as he provides an important perspective on childcare that is so often missing in our Centres! We love seeing the children interact with a kind male figure, as they can learn in a different way with him than they can with our female Educators.

Nate hopes that the children that have been in his groups over the years remember that they are all loved no matter what. He hopes they remember that they can do whatever they want to in life if they set their minds to it.

Sarah Bahr

Sarah previously worked as a full time Educator in our Preschool room, and recently decided to go back to school to pursue a degree in Education. She will be staying with us as a part time support staff in the Centre.

Over the years, Sarah has developed a true passion for working with children. She loves being able to provide a safe, stimulating, and educationally rich environment where children can come to grow, develop, and reach their full potential.

Her favorite thing about working at Prairie Lily is the amazing support system that we have. Everyone here, staff and families alike, are like family for her.

Sarah hopes that the children in our Centre always remember that they are capable and competent and can achieve whatever they put their minds to.

Chantara Paxman (Centre Supervisor, One on One Educator)

Chantara loves teaching children and allowing them to have a wide variety of new experiences. She believes that their minds are so innocent at this age, so everything that they experience is magical to them.

Chantara enjoys working at Prairie Lily because she is able to keep up to date with Education and Professional Development.

Chantara hopes that the children in her groups grow up to be kind, forgiving, and to be open minded and not judge others.

Tara-Shae McArthur (One on One Educator)

Tara-Shae started with our Centre at our Normanview location, working with our School Age Program. After she was there for a few months, she knew that she wanted to continue on this path of working with children and began her Early Childhood Education courses.

Her favorite thing about being at Prairie Lily is all of the children! She loves to learn about them and get to know them better. She enjoys watching their personalities develop. Tara has grown so much as an Educator while working with us.

Tara hopes that her One on One child, and all of the other children, no matter what age they are, will remember her face and how much she loved them while they were here.

Numa Multani (One On One Educator)

Numa loves working with children and knows that for her, nothing is more rewarding than watching a child learning, developing, and growing right in front of her.

At Prairie Lily, Numa enjoys that all the Educators work together as a team to provide love, care, and attention to all the children in our Centre. Numa moved to Canada from India in 2017 and feels that working here makes her feel like she is at home. The best parts about our Centre are the children, who are so innocent at heart.

Numa hopes that all the children in our Centre will learn what it means to be a good human being and to care for the people around them while they grow and develop.

Centre Cook

Roberta Kline

Roberta came to join us in 2018 after cooking in a seniors home. She noticed our posting online and took the plunge to cook for Children instead! She loves to cook for others to this has been a great match so far! She is an incredibly hard worker, and has spent a lot of her time making sure that her menus are perfect for each group.

Roberta enjoys the children here at Prairie Lily, and thinks that they are all really sweet. She loves to see them enjoy her food and REALLY loves it when there are no leftovers… that means that they for sure liked it!

She hopes that the children here remember her food, the conversations they get to have, and her smile.

Part Time & Support Staff

Emily Haus

Emily started working in Early Childhood Education because she genuinely loves being with children and watching them learn and grow.

So far, her favorite things about Prairie Lily are that the staff are so friendly and welcoming, and that the children love everything about being here – including their friends, teachers, and activities.

Emily hopes that the children remember her for being fun, inclusive, and that she was a safe person to look up to.